Monday, July 5, 2010

Rain Garden at Hamline Church dedicated to Maxine Smith

The Maxine Smith Rain Garden was dedicated at the Hamline United Methodist Church last Sunday. The rain garden was created with the leadership of Hamline Midway resident Amy Schultz, church members and neighborhood volunteers through a grant from the Capitol Region Watershed District. The rain garden was established to conserve rain water that previously ran off the parking lots into the street. After three years, the rain garden is now a beautiful and flourishing addition to the Hamline Church grounds. The rain garden is dedicated to Maxine Smith, a long time church member and Midway resident who died of cancer. Maxine was the "ray of sunshine" that helped establish and maintain the gardens that surround the church and elsewhere in the neighborhood. When you pass the Maxine Smith Rain Garden, think of the many gifts that Maxine shared with our community and celebrate this great lady of gardens.

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