Thursday, July 29, 2010

HMEG's own Diane Dodge to serve on Saint Paul Ramsey County Food Commission

HMEG's own Diane Dodge is stepping up to the plate again. This time for the Saint Paul Ramsey County Food Commission formed, their first meeting is on August 2nd. As we HMEGers know, Diane will bring and excellent food justice perspective to the commission, and will ensure the intersection of food and race are not ignored. Go Diane!

Article from

St. Paul, Ramsey County form high-powered commission on food and nutrition

By Joe Kimball | Published Tue, Jun 15 2010 10:08 am

A new 14-member commission will look at the operation of local food systems in Ramsey County and St. Paul.

Its mission:

To suggest policies, share information and develop strategies to increase access to affordable and nutritious foods. The Commission will create an action plan for a sustainable system that increases production, distribution and consumption of healthy, local food.

Topics ripe for discussion include: hunger, nutrition, food-related illness, community and backyard gardening, farmers' markets, culturally specific food availability, transportation for distributing and obtaining food, food access and security and environmental concerns related to food systems.

Seven members appointed by the City of St. Paul are:

  • Metric Giles, an urban gardener and member of the Rondo community.
  • Berne Hesse, a union organizer for the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 789.
  • Becky Meyer, a community developer focusing on food issues with the East Side Neighborhood Development Co.
  • Helene Murray, director of the University of Minnesota’s Institute for Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Lynne Rossetto Kasper, host of public radio’s “The Splendid Table,” cooking teacher and cookbook author.
  • Leonard Russo, proprietor of Heartland Restaurant.
  • Hai Truong, proprietor of Ngon Vietnamese Bistro.

The members appointed by Ramsey County are:

  • Diane Dodge, founding member of the Minnesota Food and Justice Alliance and Growing Food and Justice.
  • Nadja Berneche, an urban farmer and community service learning coordinator for Metropolitan State University.
  • Linda Litrell, founding member of the Sustainable Agriculture Study Group at the University of Minnesota.
  • Katie Koecher, a scientific relations professional for the University of Minnesota’s Food Science and Nutrition department.
  • Seth Kuhl-Stennes, a volunteer with the Minnesota Project’s Fruit of the City program, Celeste’s Dream Community Garden and Gardening Matters.
  • Colleen Schlieper, an urban farmer focusing on vegetable and egg production.
  • Robert Schuneman, chief operating officer for Swanson Meats.

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