HMEG Tree Team

The HMEG Tree Team was first established in September 2005 when a few Hamline Midway neighbors came together to develop funding proposals, on behalf of the Hamline Midway Coalition (HMC), to plant trees on residential properties. The Tree Team works to seek funding, develop tree planting projects, conduct
residential tree inventories, and provide educational information to residents on proper tree planting, care and maintenance, and the many benefits of trees that contribute to a healthy environment.

Fruit and Shade Trees available in the fall 2011  from HMEG Tree Team Order by Sept 1st!

The Hamline Midway Environmental Group (HMEG) Tree Team will again offer trees for private property this upcoming fall. This year, the tree team is collaborating with Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply and plan to offer a selection of fruit and shade trees.  If you are interested in receiving a tree, please look for more details in this post, or open up the pdf flyer (good for printing).   Major funding from the Community Organization Partnership Program and McKnight Foundation via the Hamline Midway Coalition.

Hamline Midway Ash Inventory- The Hamline Midway Environmental Group (HMEG) Tree Team collected information about ash trees in the neighborhood with citizen volunteers and is now Complete.  A big thank you to over 25 neighbor volunteers (including a 4-year old, 6-year old, and 2 dogs) who counted all the trees on Hamline Midway residential properties as well as identified and counted all the ash trees and available tree planting spaces. There are over 6,700 trees and approximately 680 ash trees making our residential ash population about 10% as compared to the public (boulevard, park) ash population of 17%.  The 2010 Tree Project culminated on October 2, when the Hamline Midway Environmental Group Tree Team distributed over 60 free shade trees to residents as we prepare for the impact of the Emerald ash borer. With every free tree, residents received a copy of the Tree Owner’s Manual. There are funds remaining thanks to grants and donations, so the Tree Team will be distributing free trees again in 2011. 

Tree Team Highlights:
  • Spring 2006 – Provided 70 native trees to residents and schools . Tree purchases sponsored by Tree Trust.
  • Winter 2007 - HMEG Tree Team awarded Neighborhood Honor Roll Award from the city council, A Silver Bloom Award from St. Paul Parks, and a Community Garden Award from the Minnesota State Horticultural Society.
  • Summer 2009 Emerald Ash Borer found in St. Paul, and not long afterwords, the invasive exotic insect was also detected in the Hamline Midway neighborhood.
  • Fall 2009 - Facilitated a community tree planting at the Hamline Midway Library celebration event.  A native dogwood tree was planted by a group of middle school kids attending the event.
  • Winter 2010 – Provided 6 sets of 6 children’s tree-related books (in 2 languages) to the
    Hamline Library Public Library. Books sponsored by Coughlin Companies.
  • Winter 2010 - Tree Team awarded COPP funds through Councilmember Russ Stark's office for fall tree planting.
  • Winter 2010 Assisted the Midway Green Spirit Garden in a successful grant application to the St. Paul Garden Club to fund their community orchard, complete with fruiting trees, shrubs, tools and treegator watering devices.
  • Spring 2010- Tree Team and Mighty Midway 4H receive LISN funds to further  fall tree sponsorship. Mighty Midway 4H youth help plant 30 trees at a May Arbor Day event at Newell Park.
  • Summer 2010 Tree Team initiated a residential ash tree inventory involving over 20 volunteers with developmental and implementation support from neighborhood Metro State University intern, Tanner Larsen.
  • Fall 2010 free native shade tree distribution to 60 Hamline Midway private properties
  • Fall 2011 low-cost fruit and native shade tree distribution for Hamline Midway private properties. link to pdf flyer
  • Sponsored 2 'Care of Young Fruit Trees' workshops in the fall of 2011 to support that year's tree distribution
  • Supporting community garden plantings in the Midway by purchasing trees for Horton Park and for the emerging Gateway Garden in 2011.
  • Assisting the city to update the arboretum role of Horton Park in 2011-2012.