Monday, May 14, 2012

Rescheduled: 'Insect pests of fruit trees' to be at the Heartwood Festival on June 2nd

The rain chased away the demonstration table about 'Insect pests of fruit trees' on Arbor Day 2012, but HMEG,  Extension Master Gardeners & the Local Food Resource Hub are bringing it back for the Midway's big to do, the Heartwood Festival on Saturday, June 2nd! Anyone who got a fruit tree last fall in the HMEG give-away, or is a part of the Midway Local Food Resource Hub, or just is an aspiring home fruit tree grower will find this demo a great resource.

Stop by to learn the fairly simple ways of detecting the presence of fruit tree insects to determine when, or if any treatment may be needed. Learn to identify the Curculio, Coddling Moth, Apple Maggot fly, various leafrollers, sawfly and more. Integrated Pest Management (IPM), the method stressing least harm to the environment and consumer will be the key approach taught at this demonstration to provide home growers with successful fruit crops. Various insect traps and bagging fruit methods will be demonstrated. Lots of chances to ask questions.

'Insect pests of fruit trees'  at Newell Park on Saturday, June 2nd. from 1-4pm
Find the demo at the HMEG table! 

About the instructor: Ann Aurelius has been a dedicated Ramsey County Master Gardener for 7 years. She specializes in urban food growing and has spent extensive time with the Gibbs Farm apple orchard trees--learning about the pests that love to snack on them!

This event is part of the 2012 Midway Local Food Resource Hub educational opportunities.

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