Sunday, August 29, 2010

HMEG has a new look!

This posting has been waiting to shine for some time. If you had not noticed, the HMEG logo got a significant upgrade this year. Much of the credit for the new logo goes to Midway-ite Mona Toft, who re-designed the HMEG logo . Mona added the color scheme, tree seedling and a border, bringing the former logo to the prime-time.

In our preparations for HMEG spring events, the group wanted to take the snazzy new logo on the road to both the Arbor Day/Festival of Trees, and the Midway Folk Festival.

Christina Jenson and Erin Pavlica collaborated on the the hand-dyed tablecloth, made of reused fabric. Mona arranged for our fabric banners to be printed by Christi Michaels-Flaherty, owner of T-Shirt Lady.Biz, Digital Garment & Fabric Printing.

The result of these efforts were brilliant. The HMEG booth was sharp. Kudos to all involved, your service is greatly appreciated.

The photo above shows Mona next to the banner in May at Newell Park.

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