Wednesday, March 17, 2010

HMEG/Midway Greening and Growing set-up Whole Farm drop site in Midway to increase local food options

HMEG member Nine Dodge got this arrangement made in effort to increase local food's access in the Midway area. See her announcement:

Ahmed, the owner of the Hamline/Thomas SuperUSA, has agreed to be the drop site for Whole Farm Co-op. He has refrigerator space to store our locally-produced goodness upon delivery until we are able to pick up (hopefully promptly and while also buying other items on occasion)

Whole Farm Co-op is a network of 30+ farms near the Twin Cities. By getting together to do orders, marketing, and delivery, they are able to be small producers who really know & care about what they offer us as consumers. We order online; products include meats, dairy,
groceries, crafts, garden produce in the summer, and more.

Deliveries will be monthly in the 3rd week -- Wednesdays. That means orders need to be in by May 13th for the first delivery on Wednesday, May 20th. Note: You should receive a "store confirmation" within 3 days saying that Whole Farm has your order. Kristin is the name of our
contact person there. She fields emails at or calls M,W,F at 320.732.3023

This is all really cool to me because it is recognizing and patronizing a local business as well as supporting local farmers and artisans and the awesome products they offer. It's also really flexible -- you can order every month or not as often, check out different products that interest you.

Look at the website to learn more or to make your order

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